Q: How difficult is it to assemble the iSOPOD? + x

A: The installation process is fairly simple. We are available for face time video and telephone support during our business hours.

We will also make available a detailed instruction video with the purchase of any model

Q: How big is the iSOPOD?+ x

A: The size of the iSOPOD depends on the model.

11.8L x 4.4W x 6.2H (ft)
3.6L x 1.35W x 1.9H (m)

12.1L x 6.0W x 6.2H (ft)
3.7L x 1.85W x 1.9H (m)

17.7L x 7.9W x 7.6H (ft)
5.4L x 2.4W x 2.3H (m)

19.7L x 8.2W x 8.2H (ft)
6.0L x 2.5W x 2.5H (m)

21.3L x 8.7W x 8.7H (ft)
6.5L x 2.65W x 2.65H (m)

Q: Will my iSOPOD blow away?+ x

A: No, the iSOPOD is fixed to the ground using anchors and can withstand winds up to 43 MPH or 70 km/h.

Q: Can I use my iSOPOD indoors too?+ x

A: Yes, the iSOPOD is perfectly suitable for indoor use such as parking garages.

Q: Can I lock my iSOPOD?+ x

A: Yes! The built-in locking hardware that is welded to the structure allows you to secure your vehicle within the shelter and prevent theft.

Q: Where are you located?+ x

A: Our office and product warehouse(s) are in Windsor, Ontario and Plymouth, Michigan.

Q: Does the iSOPOD come with a warranty?+ x

A: All of our products come with a two-year warranty.