About Us


As we celebrate over 6 years of success and 15,000 happy customers from sales of our coilover suspension systems, we are excited to announce our expansion into the automotive protection sector. We pride ourselves as a business in providing the best and highest quality solutions for your specific needs. The main reason for our continued success is simple:

In everything we do, our customers come first.

Our Commitment to Quality

We strive to ensure we are consistently improving our overall quality and performance through our processes. A deeper look at the iSOPOD brand represents our futuristic take on vehicle safety. Often thought of as enclosures or shelters, our iSOPOD provides a durable solution to ensure EVERY INCH of your vehicle is protected. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you love your vehicle. Since so much of your time and money is already spent on maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about the plethora of unnecessary issues that can be avoided.

  • Blazing rays of sun that affect your vehicle's performance (PROTECTED)
  • Winter dew drops that ruin the interior and exterior of your vehicle (PROTECTED)
  • Dust, scratches or bird droppings (PROTECTED)
  • Extra costs for repainting and re-polishing (SAVE YOUR MONEY)

iSOpod Covers are created with the best sourced grade material which offers a well ventilated, fire retardant, water resistant, and overall good quality product. Whether you’re parking a car, truck, or motorcycle, you can be sure it's safe and clean for your next ride!

Our Focus on Customer Care

When you call, send an email, or live chat with any one of our representatives, your questions or inquiries will be fully responded to. Our experts work extremely hard to ensure your satisfaction because we care about you and your needs.

Our Desire to Improve

At iSOPOD, we value your feedback and use it to better serve you. We are consistently monitoring and improving our efficiency-- from the manufacturing stage to ordering and shipping. We strive for perfection.

Our Engagement and Leadership

We believe in making unified decisions with our professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to bring you the best results.

As a business, we are constantly looking to ensure customer satisfaction and build long lasting relationships. We understand your vehicle is important and are available to offer assistance at every step of the way. We will provide the necessary product clarity and installation guidance together with a two-year warranty on all your purchases.

Feel free to contact us or shop here to order with confidence today!

The iSOPOD Cover: How Our Name Came to Be!

First and foremost, we were inspired by the visual connection to our product name. iSOpoda is a biological classification of crustaceans, which include woodlice and pill bugs. They all have rigid, segmented exoskeletons and can be found in water or land. Not only does the word ‘segmented’ fit the appearance of our product very nicely, but the body of the iSOPOD is remarkably similar to that of the iSOpoda insects.

So, you might say that our idea behind the iSOPOD brand name came from the commonly known potato bug, otherwise known as our first insect friend. Scientifically named Armadillidium Vulgare, the little potato bug is a fascinating creature. Its surface is covered with a series of overlapping plates which give protection while also providing flexibility-- much like our product! With the assisted retractable mechanism and practical design, the iSOPOD can truly be operated by anyone! Its portability even allows for indoor, outdoor, and underground use.

Further to this connection, the word ‘POD’ is also found in our name. The definition of ‘pod’ defines our product quite well: “a small simple building, or a small simple structure in a building, often rounded in shape.”

Lastly, how fitting is to have the three letter word ‘iSO’ in our product name? When people see the acronym, ‘iSO,’ one is compelled to think of the International Organization for Standardization. The purpose of this organization is to set technical, industrial, and commercial standards to ensure that quality and safety regulations are being met. At iSOPOD, we take quality and safety very seriously, providing you with the best product on the North American market.